Core Decay

An upcoming retro FPS for mobile and PC. Explore derelict facilities, uncover a vast conspiracy, install cybernetic upgrades as you gain levels, and find a ton of unique weapons and powerups in an old-school shooter inspired by classics such as Doom, Quake and Descent.
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Core Decay

My current game in active development is Core Decay, a cross-platform FPS releasing in 2020. Explore derelict facilities, uncover a vast conspiracy, install cybernetic upgrades, and use unique weapons and powerups in an old-school shooter inspired by the classics of the 90s.

Game Summary

Core Decay is a celebration of the DOS and early Windows games of the late 90s. Growing up with games such as Quake, Descent and Doom, I wanted to return to this era – in particular on mobile devices, since aside from a few ports of PC games there is not really any way to experience this genre on mobile right now.

The game is a first-person shooter in an industrial sci-fi setting, where the goal of the player is to progress through eleven distinct levels, finding and destroying the reactor core in each facility before moving onward. Levels consists of several sectors of varying security, and the player has to find appropriate keycards to progress. Once the reactor core is located and destroyed, there is a limited time to find the escape exit before the facility is obliterated.

Although the main gameplay loop is highly rooted in classic shooters, there are a few more modern elements as well. Core Decay features a leveling system where each time the player levels up they get to pick from a random selection of unique perks, each granting some sort of bonus or benefit. This adds to replayability and makes every playthrough more unique.

Pre-alpha Teaser

This short teaser showcases pre-alpha gameplay. Note that nothing seen here is final and art, mechanics, and music is subject to change.

Stay updated

Development updates are summarized and posted to the official website - - and smaller updates are shared on Twitter. To follow the development of Core Decay, check out any of the links below!


Art Portfolio

Core Decay Environment art
The art of Core Decay uses a retro-inspired aesthetic alongside modern rendering techniques.
Core Decay
Weapon & enemy art
Core Decay features a large amount of props, all made with a low polycount in mind.
Pumping Station
Sci-fi PBR environment. Also available as a Unity model pack, see below.
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An alpha version of a small puzzle game featuring original art, writing and music.
40k Drop Pod
A PBR hero prop with enough detail to let the player walk inside and explore its interior.
© Games Workshop
Old Syringe
A PBR asset created as a first-person prop.
Red Baron Render
A 3D render of the original Red Baron and Red Baron 3D packaging, created for their release on Steam.

Unity Assets

Pumping Station Pack
Model pack for creating modular sci-fi environments. All textures are 2k and optimized for PBR.
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Prototype Kit 1
This model and texture pack contains everything needed to quickly prototype Unity levels.
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Star Field background
A tiling 4K space texture for use in science-fiction and space exploration games.
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Cinematic Music Pack 1
A collection of 9 orchestral songs suitable for a wide variety of games and atmospheres.
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Web Portfolio
Designed and developed by me, and built from scratch to be fast to load and fully responsive.
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Suds 'Em Yourself
This website uses a single-page layout, featuring an airy design and bright colors fitting for a self-serve pet wash & dry.
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Villagers & Heroes
Website designed for a fantasy MMO available on PC, iOS and Android.
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V&H Forums
The official Villagers & Heroes community, featuring a custom forum powered by XenForo.
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UI Portfolio

Core Decay UI
The Core Decay UI has a clean and stylish retro-inspired look, and is optimized for ease of use on small touchscreens.
Villagers & Heroes UI
Interface designed for a fantasy MMO available on PC, iOS and Android.
A note-taking app with the power of a wiki. Designed and developed by me.
Modern Reddit client
User interface designed for a UWP Reddit client.


Music Tracks

Unearthing The Past
A sci-fi sounding track with industrial inspirations originally written for the puzzle game Oil.
Back Then
A melodic fantasy track composed for a game trailer.
Enchanted Forest
A mystical, fantasy sounding track composed for a game trailer.
An orchestral track most recently used in the short film Juneau.
Exodus Part 2
A variant of Exodus with a different composition.
Following The Trail
A melodic fantasy track written for a roguelike RPG.
A slow-paced fantasy track written for a short game in which the player explores an abandoned cottage.
Launch Day
A bombastic sci-fi track written for a short game sequence in which the player boards a rocket ship.
Launch Day Part 2
A more upbeat version of Launch Day, composed for the actual rocket liftoff.