About Me

I am a game developer and the creator of Core Decay, which I am developing together with 3D Realms. I also run Tree of Souls, one of the largest independent James Cameron’s Avatar communities on the web. Here I share my thoughts on game development, philosophy, and free software — feel free to reach out through Mastodon, Matrix, or email.


I was born in Sweden, and grew up in the countryside of Västra Götaland in the southwestern part of the country. Much of my early life was spent outdoors in the Swedish forests, but I have also had an interest in technology for as long as I can remember.

I first started exploring software and game development in my teenage years. I was an avid reader of computer and programming books, and started getting into game development by making my own content for games such as Age of Empires. I eventually began studying for a career as a game developer, created smaller games of my own, and pursued adjacent skills in programming and computing.

In 2010 I saw James Cameron’s Avatar, which ended up changing my life in more ways than I can count. I founded an Avatar fan community called Tree of Souls, and became a more philosophically minded person. I adopted a more cautious perspective on technology, and became more critical of the way the internet and social media had begun to shape society. Although I still aimed for a career in game development, it became less about the technical art and more about using games as a medium to explore philosophical thought.

The community of Tree of Souls was also where I met my wife, Heather. We married in 2014, and a year later I moved to the United States so that we could live closer to her family. I have lived in the US ever since, and became an American citizen in 2021.

In late 2017 I started development of what would become Core Decay. It began as a hobby project I worked on in my spare time, and a few years later I entered a collaboration with 3D Realms and Slipgate Ironworks to scale up development with a full team.

I have kept a strong interest in philosophy and sociology, and how it intersects with technology and the internet. I am a strong advocate of free software and decentralization, and I set up this website mainly as a way to share my thoughts on these topics – in particular, check out my article on the free internet!

About this website

This website is powered by a minimal WordPress installation, scaled back extensively to keep a small footprint. It does not use JavaScript or other non-free software, nor does it use analytics services, cookies, or any other form of user tracking.