New Website

This has been a long time coming! Welcome to my new personal website at, fully redesigned from scratch.

There’s a few reasons I chose to redo my website at this point. Mainly, the old site had a much more commercial tone – it was a portfolio to sell my work. At the time it made sense, but today I’m really not looking for this and would much rather have a platform to share thoughts and ideas.

Which leads me to the second reason – partially inspired by this great rundown of the redesign of The Verge, I wanted a place where I can write and share longform content without being locked into a particular proprietary service. A personal website fits that goal perfectly!

As far as the design itself goes, I also felt that most of my websites to date have been very flashy and arguably over-designed, so I opted for something far more scaled back and functional. Yes it’s a bit boring, but it’s readable, easy to navigate, loads instantly and is straight to the point – which I think is a big win in the end.

I’ll post various longer articles here now and then, and also share them on Mastodon – hopefully they will end up being interesting to read! For those of you coming here to read up on Core Decay news, I’ll definitely be posting some updates on this site – but keep in mind you can also find any recent updates on Steam. Until next time!

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